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How does reseller site hosting work?

What is the customer base of the reseller web page hosting solution corporations?

It is comprised of site designers or web site design firms offering mostly web site design solutions. Small-scale Internet Service Providers, prominent SEO webmasters and various Internet entrepreneurs are also involved with the hosting reseller scene.

Widely spread reseller web space hosting models

Now, the most well-known business model is the cPanel reseller web hositng service, where the reseller pre-pays for a chosen reseller web hosting plan (with fixed amounts of disk space, traffic, hosted top-level domain names, etc. on a monthly basis (at wholesale rates). Then the reseller package is sliced down into minute shared web space hosting plans, which are subsequently sold to the customers at retail rates chosen by the reseller. The reseller's revenue is formed by the difference between the wholesale and the retail hosting prices.

cPanel's third party invoice transaction management software system

The cPanel-based hosting reseller must take care of the billing transaction management platform provision (a merchant account integrated into a third party invoice transaction management system is needed) and the 24x7x365 client and sales support platform supply. The reseller also plays the role of a bridge between the clients and the domain name registrar where the TLDs are actually being registered, relocated or renewed on behalf of the clients (a domains reseller account working with the billing transaction management system is wanted as well).

No domain, invoice transaction and trouble ticket management tools in cPanel?!?

By the way, cPanel does not provide any domain registration, billing and technical support administration user interfaces. Those belong to the 3rd party invoicing transaction software. Quite exciting. And trendy. An innovative 21st century solution: two user login locations (the cPanel web site hosting CP itself and the invoice/ticket support/domain administration software). And that is simply the beginning...

Rare, yet better reseller webspace hosting options

In extremely rare cases you might be fortunate to chance on other remarkably lucrative cloud hosting reseller programs, like the one concocted by ResellersPanel. There aren't any monthly reseller prepayments or installments. It's as plain as that: if a bargain is accomplished, there is a fee, in all other cases - there isn't. Sounds like with ResellersPanel there are no monetary hazards for the resellers. We think that ResellersPanel's mode of operation is perhaps way better than the now very widespread cPanel hosting reseller system. Read on to discover why.

ResellersPanel - the risk-free reseller web hosting solution

First of all, as opposed to the cPanel reseller hosting providers, ResellersPanel will not tax the reseller a single cent. Not until the reseller generates any new sales or renewals. Which is very logical, as a matter of fact. This decreases the monetary risk to ground-zero degrees. With ResellersPanel's hosting reseller system, the reseller is not mixed up with monthly or annual prepayments, donations, reseller fees or installments in any way. While the famous cPanel reseller web hosting setup is based mainly on monthly or annual down payments and fees, which means... much greater financial hazards. In contrast with ResellersPanel's reseller web space hosting mode of operating, the cPanel reseller hosting model is not interested in whether the reseller has made any deals or not - the monthly or annual reseller taxes must be paid in a timely fashion, i.e. have to be paid up front. Period.

US, European and Australian cloud hosting solutions

ResellersPanel is not solely a peril-free reseller web hosting system. ResellersPanel offers ACTUAL CLUSTERED HOSTING packages for reselling. Elsewhere, there is some partial evidence for the availability of a cloud web hosting platform. The cloud hosting plans the resellers can custom create and promote under their web hosting trademarks are available at 4 server farm facility sites: in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in Sweden and in Australia! How many cPanel reseller website hosting suppliers supply multi-continent datacenter facility site alternatives? How many cPanel web hosting companies provide cloud hosting services to the resellers and to their clients?

Virtual server, semi-dedicated web server and dedicated web server reseller solutions

How many reseller webspace hosting merchants, aside from ResellersPanel, enable their resellers to promote VPS hosting, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers at quite competitive rates? Hepsia, the industry-leading web hosting CP, is also added there, by default, at no supplementary or added cost. Unmetered hosted domains, Secure Shell and full server root privileges are also added in the feature-rich server plans. What's more, the resellers can also sell more than fifty generic and country code top-level domains and digital certificates to their clientele.